Friday, July 23, 2021

Yur Mom - Tropical Fuzz

With nothing more than the fuzzed out, speaker rattling bass of frontwoman Anelise Kunz and the classic rock flavored drumming of Fabio Couto, Tropical Fuzz from Brazilian (now London-based) band Yur Mum somehow manages to come across like Kyuss and Fu Manchu getting together with L7 and putting on a punk show in the middle of the desert.  Having said that there is an everpresent melodic groove and plenty of diversity throughout the whole album from the extremely infectious blast of opener “Banana Republic”, the hard-rock sounds of the title track and the almost pop-like hooks of “Dig Deep” to the angry punk aggression of “Crazy”, the darker, slightly doom-like “Black Rainbow” and the laid-back moodier, tropical beats in “Rio 69“.  From the bass blast at the beginning to bass drone fadeout at the end Tropical Fuzz is an outstanding album.

(Yur Mum)


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