Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Double Rider - Double Rider EP

While this trio are only in their early twenties, the story of Double Rider and their debut EP, goes back several decades before they were even born.  The band is comprised of siblings Hannah and Lennon Owl Child and their cousin Erin Many Heads, who are from the Siksika Nation in Alberta, Canada and first started playing under the name Third Generation in 2014.  Music has always been an important part of their family and a few years after they started playing together their grandfather Matthew Many Heads, who built a guitar at 14 and performed in numerous rock bands over the years, introduced them to original songs he had written back as far as the 70’s, and gave them his ok to use them.  The band changed their name to Double Rider, which was their grandfather’s nickname, and have released this EP, containing three songs, all of which were written by him and they have now made their own.  “Echoes Of The Past” kicks things off with powwow drums, bells and a war cry leading into a powerful driving rock tune with lyrics dealing with the struggles of the Blackfoot and their resilience.  Next up is “Walk With Me”, a nice laid back, melodic tune full of bright, chiming guitar work and a very infectious beat.  The final cut “Everyday” features Hannah on vocals (she also sings on the previous cut) that are strongly reminiscent of Susanna Hoffs, and is an extremely catchy track that sounds like a long lost 70’s pop song that you would’ve found on one of the covers albums Hoffs did with Matthew Sweet a few years back (the guitar work actually reminds me a bit of Sweet’s guitar work).  This is a very refreshing sounding EP with the only drawback being it is so short.  Thankfully the band has plans to record a full-length release featuring more of their grandfather’s songs along with some of their own originals, so hopefully there is a lot more to come soon. 

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