Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Crossed Wires - Ellipsis EP

Seven years after the release of their second EP, Halifax trio Crossed Wires are finally back with Ellipsis, a six-cut EP that often brings to mind Veruca Salt and Hole. I went back and listened to those earlier EP’s and while they are good, this time around they really have all the pieces in place.  The production on those EP's was lo fi and is much more polished here, which really works better for their sound.  There is also a stronger sense of melody and the songs are just extremely catchier.  Having said that they don’t lack in power and intensity.  While “Looped” kicks thing off with some screaming guitars and evolves into the tautest cut on the EP, tracks like “Rain”, “Smile” and “Safe and Sound” are complete earworms overflowing with fuzz guitars and tons of hooks.  “Good Guy” follows a similar path, but is a little more angsty with some great, tightly wound guitar work, and “Lumbar” has a heavier rock edge.  Ellipsis is an outstanding fifteen-and-a-half-minute blast of taut, high energy, hook filled, fuzzed out rock.   

(Noyes Records)


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