Wednesday, September 13, 2023

SLIP~ons - Heavy Machinery

I first came across Brock Pytel through his work as the drummer on the first couple of albums from Canada’s Doughboys in the late eighties, as well as his 2000 solo album Second Choice. Shifting over to guitar and vocals, he has teamed up with bassist Brian Minato, from Sarah McLachlan’s band, guitarist Rob “Shockk” Matharu of The Spitfires and drummer Shane Wilson to form the SLIP~ons.  Finally, after eleven years together, they have released their debut EP Heavy MachineryTheir bio states that they strive “to sound like Minneapolis in the 90’s”, which absolutely hits the nail on the head. The title track kicks the album off with raw, ragged guitars and hooks galore that will have you thinking The Replacements and early Soul Asylum with a just a slight hint of Uncle Tupelo’s rootsiness. The taut, more aggressive, “Soldier, Don’t Say Goodbye” and “Mosquito” lean more in the direction of Husker Du and both have some great guitar work. There is a ebb and flow to “Nothing Is Good Enough” shifting between faster to somewhat slower, more atmospheric sections, and closer “Undivided” throws you a little at first, opening with a quick blast of low end doom before shifting into a more melodic, yet hard-driving power pop tune.  SLIP~ons have definitely achieved what they set out to do with this EP and hopefully won't make us wait so long for more.   

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