Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Doublepluspop - Too Loud, Too Fast, Too Much

Back in the late 90‘s or early 2000‘s frontman Paul Averitt wanted to form a pop band and with Jon Lenzer on guitar, Mike Bowman on bass and Neil Saunders on drums the Denton, Texas based Doublepluspop was born.  Over the next couple of years they recorded some tracks in various studios in the area, but broke up before they ever saw the light of day. Those tracks ended up in a vault in 2002 and sat there until March 2020.  At that time Paul got a message from Coy Green, the studio engineer who worked with them, saying he came across the tapes and was going to see what he could transfer and mix digitally.  The results of his labors are now Too Loud, Too Fast, Too Much, twelve tunes of classic power pop full of biting guitars and melodies overflowing with hooks, bringing to mind artists like Matthew Sweet and Fountains of Wayne with a touch of The Beatles popping up here and there.  While most of the songs stick to the core foundation of this sound (I was going to single out some highlights here, but there really aren’t any tracks that I would leave out) there are a few that veer off that path a little including the slower “You Can’t Be Serious”, which does a great job of showcasing Averitt’s vocals and has some excellent bluesy-tinged rock guitar work, the ragged “What A Wonderful Time” (probaby my favorite cut of the bunch) and a great cover of Todd Rundgren’s “Couldn’t I Just Tell You”, which has more of a rock edge than the original and also includes some great guitar work.  While it’s a shame that these tunes weren’t given their due back when they recorded, thankfully they have now been given the chance to be heard and Doublepluspop is getting the recognition they deserved all those years ago. 

(Kool Kat Music)

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