Monday, September 20, 2021

Mother Ghost - Somnámbulo

After a few setbacks including the death of producer James Vehslage, who worked with the band on their previous release Rivers, and had recorded their new one before passing away prior to mixing it, this Houston duo comprised of brothers Oscar and Thomas Flores have finally released their latest full-lengther Somnámbulo.  Overall the songs here have a darkness to them while also showcasing alot of diversity with elements of everything from new wave, industrial, techno and punk to darkwave, goth and even some Franz Ferdinand / Modest Mouse flavored rock.  Lyrically they cover alot of issues that are very timely and often have a political slant, dealing with topics like immigration (a common theme in several songs), economic inequality and drug addiction, but also touching on things like the emotional lows after the end of a relationship in “Le Petite Mort”.  There’s really not a bad cut in the bunch, but highlights include the indie rock opener “Hiding in a Dumpster Waiting for ICE Agents to Leave I”, “Ungraceful”, with it’s moody guitar and bass that is reminiscent of The Cure, the synth-driven darkwave of “Brundlefly”, the heavy, industrial-tinged “Avarice”, “Criminal”, an aggressive combo of industrial and noise rock and the dirty industrial techno of “ RAICES (dirt)”.

(Geodesic Records / Mother Ghost - Bandcamp)

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